Selling miles to Sell Your

Tell us what you have available so we can first evaluate you miles and rewards. You can enter the information on our website or call us directly. We will let you know what they are worth and then you can then decide if you want to sell them to us.

The transaction does not occur right away, instead you offer your miles and rewards to us and we keep you on our seller's list. As soon as we can use your miles or rewards to buy another client a ticket, we will call upon you to see if you are ready to sell some miles or rewards. When we call you or e-mail you, you may not want to sell anything at that point or may not have time to carry out the transaction.

You are in no way obligated to sell your miles. There are no contracts. You can change your mind at any time. But if you do sell you miles, you are guaranteed a check the next day via FedEx. You will get your check the very next day for the amount we quoted you.

We are here to serve as a resource for people to trade their miles for cash and at the same time provide a means for people to fly at a discounted rate. We work hard to provide excellent customer service for our clients.